Asadullah Ali

Asadullah Ali

I've written and alerted readers in this line dating back to 2014, even before IS became a international monster (not only in Syria and Iraq), in the need, not just to beat this insidious terror movement militarily but in addition to educate the alienated and disenchanted Muslim youngsters that are interested in IS ideology and also to explain to them why it really is therefore wrong to blame, vent their anger and inflict damage on innocent people for the suffering of the Muslims, especially the Palestinian individuals.

al-andalusiThe conflict that is palestinian become the cause celebre used by Muslim extremists and terrorists to recruit disenchanted Muslim youngsters to become listed on their motions.

For pretty much 30 years since my student days in Britain, I have discussed, campaigned and demonstrated in the campuses and roads for the rights for the oppressed Palestinian people against the Zionist aggressor, Israel. Even though i will be a non-Muslim, I have supported and fought for the Palestinian cause for a matter of principle based on truth and justice, so yes, I do have the locus standi to defend the oppressed Muslim people also to write about the topic of Islamophobia.

The proponents of Islamophobia created and promoted negative perceptions of a targeted group that they do not like or have a hidden agenda against like most smear campaigns. And like other smear campaigns, there are many foundation employed by the opponents of Islam to justify the stereotyping that is negative of as extremists and/or terrorists.

The Muslim extremists and terrorists are mainly responsible for Islamophobia. They are dropping directly into the "trap" for the enemies of Islam that are whipping up anti-Muslim sentiments. Since many terror attacks are due to people professing to be "Muslim jihadists", it's easy for the right-wing white supremacists to use these incidents to advertise the negative perceptions of Muslims and Islam.

The irony is that extremist Muslim supremacists in Muslim bulk countries, including Malaysia, are using comparable arguments or rationale against non-Muslim minorities since the people utilized by the extremist white supremacists against Muslim minorities in the West, who, such as the non-Muslim Asians and black individuals, additionally suffer from racism.
Asadullah Ali al-Andalusi is just a research other for Yaqeen Institute and the creator of this Andalusian venture, a independent research platform for counter-Islamophobia studies. He holds degrees in both Western and Islamic Philosophy and is currently pursuing his Ph.D in Islamic Studies. He focuses on subjects associated with the philosophy of science, atheism, terrorism, Islamic governmental thought and ethics, along with other dilemmas surrounding the international Muslim community.
Among religious along with other groups there's also numerous conflicting agendas priority that is demanding. There may well be a need for training within such teams regarding the presssing issue too. Immigrant groups must also push ahead with integration and certainly will play a wider role to promote their spot in host communities.

A issue that is critical be precisely what message has to be sent and how, that might well differ from nation to nation. This may involve education and awareness-raising with techniques that won't alienate the goal patronise or audience them.

In today’s social media age many users for the important demographic need that is will be reached with catchy, short, and well-produced multimedia productions. As such both the message therefore the dissemination of this message shall be difficult. The question may be how to create a message that goes viral in concise terms.

The basic message can be readily conveyed with a few tips.

First, neither Islam nor reciting the Quran are paths into violence and terrorism — we realize this through the pathways of current and former terrorists, international fighters, etc.