Fatty foods decrease satiety

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Do you consume rations according to your weight and age, but still you are hungry? It is possible that with each fatty food you eat you are damaging the way in which your body perceives the sensation of satiety, and therefore it is more difficult for you to maintain a diet.

Beyond the strength of will or the decision to change life habits, the impact of a diet high in fat (regardless of how long it lasted) may be the main factor that influences the possibilities of losing weight in a person with obesity according to a study by the International Journal of obesity.

Not only change your figure, increase your appetite

Performed by Stephen Kentish of the University of Adelaide, the research revealed how a diet high in fat can irreversibly damage the nerves in the stomach responsible for sending signals of satiety to the brain. In other words, the more junk foods you eat, the less your sense of satisfaction decreases.

And this may be due to an alteration of the icretina; a hormone that aims to regulate the appetite and that in the case of people with obesity causes the nerves of the stomach lose sensitivity to perceive a satisfaction and send the order to the brain to stop eating.

This could give the explanation of why it is difficult for people to maintain a diet for a long time, and how after a certain time they tend to gain weight again.

In addition to this damage, a high-fat diet also becomes addictive because it causes the reward centers of the brain to activate.

There are many factors that hinder weight loss, but there are more complications to health caused by obesity because in the long run they can cause death.